Apply online. [We are currently processing the submitted applications for AY 2022-2023.
We will open the online application for AY 2023-2024 at a later date.]
Cut-off date for AY 2022-2023: Feb 28, 2022

For AY 2022-2023, part-time study will be permitted for the MDE program.

Graduate Program Application Fee Payment Details

Financial Assistance

The Philippine Center for Economic Development (PCED) provides fellowships for graduate study at UPSE. These fellowships are of two types: the first is for course work under the Master in Development Economics (MDE), Master of Arts in Economics (MA), and the Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (PhD) programs; the second is for thesis and dissertation writing leading to these degrees. Fellowships cover tuition and other fees, a monthly stipend, and a book allowance per semester.

PCED fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis. Once awarded they may be renewed for the succeeding semester based on the recipient’s demonstrated progress in the chosen program of study as determined by the Committee on Graduate Studies, Admissions, and Fellowships (Graduate Committee) upon recommendation of the student’s faculty adviser.

The Graduate Committee recommends to the Executive Director of PCED those to be granted fellowships following a screening process.

  1. Students apply for admission to the graduate program and indicate in their application if they need financial support.
  2. Shortlisted applicants take a written exam and are interviewed by members of the Graduate Committee.
  3. The Graduate Committee deliberates to determine admission to the graduate programs based on applicants’ academic credentials and the results of the written exam and interviews.1 Admission to the PhD Program is by invitation based on a student’s performance after a year of full-time study in the MA Program. However, applicants with MA degrees may also be admitted after evaluation.
  4. After passing the MA Qualifying Exam given at the end of the first year, students opting for the thesis track may apply for a PCED thesis grant, which may be granted up to a maximum of 4 semesters based on proof of progress. At the initial stage, they are required to submit a research plan endorsed by a faculty adviser. At the end of every semester, a progress report attested to by the adviser is also required as a basis for determining renewal of the fellowship.
  5. The same application and approval procedures apply for PhD dissertation writers except that, in their case, the grant is for a maximum of 8 semesters based on proof of progress.
  6. For MDE students, the qualifications for thesis grants will be decided on a later date.

The grant recipient signs a contract of fellowship with PCED stipulating the terms and conditions of the PCED fellowship.

Other scholarships offered to deserving students are:

  • Program in Financial Economics Scholarship sponsored by UnionBank
  • Graduate Trust Fund Dissertation Fellowship

Owing to limited funds, however, applicants are encouraged to seek other sources of financial support.

In addition to scholarships, a Publication Award is offered to any graduate student who can publish a paper in an internationally recognized professional journal, not necessarily his or her thesis or research paper. A cash prize of PhP50,000 for every published paper awaits writers.